Grace Zhang

I am a second-year PhD student at USC, advised by Professor Joseph J. Lim. Prior to joining USC, I received my BS in EECS at UC Berkeley where I did research with Professor Sergey Levine .

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I am interested in efficient robot learning methods for automating complex long horizon tasks. Specifically, my research focuses on the generalization of learned policies to new environments as well as the use of prior knowledge and skills to build hierarchical policies.

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Policy Transfer across Visual and Dynamics Domain Gaps via Iterative Grounding

Grace Zhang, Linghan Zhong, Youngwoon Lee, Joseph J. Lim
Robotics Science and Systems, 2021
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MCP: Learning Composable Hierarchical Control with Multiplicative Compositional Policies

Xue Bin Peng, Michael Chang, Grace Zhang, Pieter Abbeel, Sergey Levine
Neural Information Processing Systems, 2019
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EECS 127: Optimization Models in Engineering

Undergraduate Student Instructor
Spring 2020
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EECS 16A: Designing Information Devices and Systems I

Undergraduate Student Instructor
Summer 2017 - Fall 2019
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